Mercedes launched the Maybach S600 Guard at price of Rs 10.5 crore

German luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz launched the one of the most expensive luxury car Maybach S600 Guard in india at the Delhi showroom price of  Rs .10.5 Crore.  This is the armoured Version of Maybach S600 model. This model consists of Bullet Proof.stand a blast of 15kg of TNT from as close as four metres away. Mercedes-Benz  planed to release a total of 12 models in India this year. Having already released two model accordingly and has launched its third model now.

This model is fitted with the 6.0-liter V12 engine. This model is capable of 523 bhp of power with 830 Nm torque. Moreover, this model is capable of crossing the 100 km speed with in 7.9 seconds. This model is also going up to the maximum speed of 190 km. Ans, this model is fitted with a 7-speed automatic transmission System.

This model is designed with combination of luxury interior and safety armoured like bullet proof and bomp explotion protection exterior.

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