Renault Kwid Live For More Edition Launched

Renault has launched a special edition of Kwid called the 'Live For More Edition'. It is available for on variants of the 2016 model year vehicles at no extra cost and comprises cosmetic upgrades both inside and outside. 

On the exterior, the 'Live For More Edition' gets dual stripes running the length of the body and along the sides. In addition there are also red accents on the grille as well as red accents on the wheel covers. There is also a contrast coloured rear spoiler. Inside, the steering wheel has been fitted red coloured contrast stitching.

This model available in 0.8 and 1.0 liter engine options. This 0.8 liter engine delivers the power of 54 bhp (5678 rpm) and torque of 72Nm (4386rpm). As per ARAI certification, this model gives mileage of 25.17 Kmpl. 

And 1.0 liter engine delivers the power of 67 Bhp and torque of 91 Nm. As per the ARAI rating, the Kwid 1.0 liter delivers 24.04 kmpl of mileage. This model also available with AMT gear box. The Gear liver is not provided in AMT model as like other automatic models. Only small dial is given in dashboard which have three options like Drive, neutral and reverse.

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