Renault Duster Prices Redued By Up To Rs 1 Lakh

Renault has reduced the the price of Duster model by up to Rs 1 lakh. The reason behind the price reduction is a higher content of localisation. The Duster's top variant RXZ AWD has most price reduction of Rs 1 lakh. The reduced prices are effective from 1 March, 2018. Duster is one of the best selling model in India from Renault.

The new price details of Renault Duster:

  • Duster Petrol RXE - Rs 795000
  • Duster Petrol RXL - Rs 884000
  • Duster Petrol RxS CVT Petrol     - Rs 995000
  • Duster Diesel 85PS Standard - Rs 895000
  • Duster Diesel 85PS RXE     - Rs 914000
  • Duster Diesel 85PS RXS     - Rs 995000
  • Duster Diesel 85PS RXZ - Rs 1094000
  • Duster Diesel 110PS RXZ - Rs 1184000
  • Duster Diesel 110PS RXZ AMT - Rs 1238000
  • Duster Diesel 110PS RXZ AWD - Rs 1284000
  • Duster Diesel 85PS RXS Sandstorm Edition - Rs 1027300
  • Duster Diesel 110PS RXS Sandstorm Edition - Rs 1117300

This model is available with the 1.5- liter 4-cylinder and 16-valve diesel engine in two power outputs and 1.6- liter 4-cylinder and 16-valve petrol engine. This diesel engine has capacity of 1461cc and petrol engine has the capacity of 1598cc. The diesel engine is available in two power outputs.  First one delivers the power of 85 bhp (3750 rpm) and torque of 200Nm (1750rpm). Second one delivers the power of 110 bhp (5750 rpm) and torque of 245Nm (1750rpm). This petrol engine delivers the power of 104 bhp (5750 rpm) and torque of 148Nm (3750rpm). As per ARAI certification, this model gives mileage of 13.06 Kmpl. 

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