Worlds First Commercial Flying Car Goes On Sale Soon

Netherlands PAL-V International has launched the worlds first flying car called the Liberty Sport for a price of 400,000 US Dallor (Approx. Rs 2.68 crore). PAL-V International now accept the bookings with a tentative delivery date of December 2018.

It moves like a car with its wings folded. For takeoff, the wings stretch out, and a propeller at the back pushes it forward. Meanwhile, the rotor on the top gets up to speed for lift off. Interestingly, despite looking like a helicopter. Taking off requires 330m of a clear patch with 50kmph, while landing needs only 30m clear path.

While flying, the engine makes 200PS of power, but once you hit the ground the maximum power drops down to 100PS. It can achieved maximum speed of 180 Kmph while flying and 160 Kmph while drive on ground. And also it gives maximum milege of 5.4 kmpl while flying and 13.1 Kmpl for drive.

It have weighs just 664kgs. The maximum take-off weight is rated at 910kg. This car need seperate liscence for driving.  It can accommodate only two passengers. This technology is apply for patent in India too. So this gives some glims about India release.

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