Tesla Introduces The Fastest-Accelerating Production Car In World With P100D Battery

Tesla has introduced the P100D battery pack upgrade for the Model S and the Model X, which will increase the overall range of both the EVs and also make them quicker than before. Becaus of this battery the Model S do the 0-100kmph sprint in 2.5sec, and go on to serve a range of 506km in a single charge. At the same time Model X do the 0-100kmph sprint in 2.9sec, and go on to serve a range of 465km in a single charge.

This 100kwh battery pack (P100D), will be available on the Tesla Model S and Model X, and will be the top end models in their range. Customers who have ordered a P90D with the Ludicrous mode and are yet to take delivery of the vehicle can upgrade to the 100 kWh battery pack for $10,000 (approximately Rs 6.7 lakh). Existing P90D owners can also upgrade to a 100 kWh pack, but for $20,000 (approximately Rs 13.4 lakh), as their used 90 kWh pack will have to be recycled.

Tesla is yet to make an official entry in India, which will happen with the launch of  Model 3 in the country in 2018.

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