Renault Kwid AMT Launched At Price Of Rs 4.25 Lakh

Renault has launched the AMT version of the Kwid in India at Delhi showroom price of Rs.4.25 lakh. This model available only in RXT (O) variant. This model is Rs 30,000 more expensive than the manual Kwid model.

In this model 1.0 liter, 3- cylinder, 999cc engine is fitted. This engine delivers the power of 67 Bhp and torque of 91 Nm. As per the ARAI rating, the Kwid 1.0 liter delivers 24.04 kmpl of mileage. 

The Gear liver is not provided in AMT model as like other automatic models. Only small dial is given in dashboard which have three options like Drive, neutral and reverse. Already Kwid make huge success in Indian. Now, this AMT version add more support in sales figure.

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