Mini cooper convertible launched at the price of Rs.34.9 lakh

BMW india launched Mini cooper convertible at shoroom price of Rs.34.9 Lakh. This is the soft top convertible version of of the 3-door Mini Cooper.

There are no major changes in the design of interior and exterior in this model. Luxury features, safety features and all other features are available as like other models of the Mini Cooper. This model is available with 2.0-liter turbo-charged diesel engine. This engine delivers power of 189 Bhp and torque of 280 Nm. This model is crosse speed of 100 km  with in 7.3 seconds and also reach the maximum speed of 233 km.

BMW sels 5 model in india includes Mini cooper D5-door, Mini cooper D 3-door, Mini cooper S 3-door, Mini cooper countrymen and Mini cooper convertible.

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