Mahindra TUV300 To come with more Powerful Engine

Mahindra TUV300 with the mHawk100 engine is expected to release soon. This compact SUV has better sales figure but people reported that the compact SUV felt a little under powered, especially while driving on the highways. 

Now this compact SUV is powered with 1.5 liter 3 cylinder mHawk80 engine. This engine delivers the power of 84 Bhp and torque of 230 Nm. Few days back mahindra launched the refreshed Nuvosport compact SUV eith same engine. But, this engine tuned to deliver the power of 100 Bhp and torque of 240 Nm.

So, Mahindra TUV300 model is expected to release with new mHawk100 engine. But, the new engine have slightly less fuel efficiency and it's negligible only.

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