Hero Planning to discontinue four models

Hero planning to discontinue the Maestro scooter, Ignitor 125cc bike, Passion XPro commuter bike and the Impulse models from sales by end of this year. The main reason for discontinuation of these models is the fact that the country’s largest two-wheeler maker has to pay a royalty to Honda for every bike sold. Honda supplies engine for all the above four mentioned bikes.

Hero already has developed a new 110cc motor for the Duet and the Maestro Edge scooters. And also hero launched Splendor i- smart which was  first fully in-house developed motorcycle.  The Passion XPro would also be launched with the new Hero developed 110cc engine soon. 

Due to poor sales Hero dropped the Hero Ignitor and Impulse. However Hero planning to relaunch the Impulse with more power engine. Because in India, Impulse dont have competitor.  

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