Bajaj to launch Husqvarna brand in India in Jan 2017

Bajaj planning to launch Husqvarna brand in India in Jan 2017. This information was revealed in companies ninth Annual General Meeting. Husqvarna is a brand owned by KTM. And Bajaj owns 47 per cent stake in KTM.

Husqvarna is known for its dirt bikes across the world. Husqvarna expect to enter in India in 2017 with Vitpilen 401. Bajaj plans to introduce in India bikes with engine displacement between 150cc and 400cc.

The rumours also suggest that KTM and Husqvarna will use identical engine platforms with chassis and design being the differentiating factors between the two. It has been reported that Husqvarna  models will be made in India by Bajaj at its Chakan plant. And also seperate dealership network also to be opened.

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