Volkswagen - XL 1 gives 100 kilometer mileage for 1 liter

This world's hig milege car was itroduced in 2011 Kattar motor show. In first phase, this car will be produced only 200 units. And notably all 200 units booking are over. This is the hybrid car. And only two people are able to sit in the car

In this car, capacity of 800cc, 2 cylinder diesel engine is fitte. This engine delivers the power of 48 Bhp. And electric motor also fitted in this model which delivers the power of 27 Bhp. Totally this car delivers power of 75 Bhp. This model has the gross weight of 795 Kg.

The 7-speed automatic gear box fitted with this model. The exterior aero dynamic have a more focused  in order to give high mileage. This model measures 3970 mm in length, 1682 mm in width and 1184 mm in height. 

There is no information about India launch. But, Volkswagen worked on the four seater model.

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