Tesla Revealed Its First Electric Truck - Semi

Tesla has revealed its first electric truct model called Semi. Tesla designed this truck considering with new kind of design, lots of aero dynamic and lot of comfort as like cars.

Not only design, Tesla gives better performance figure to this truck. Tesla says that the Semi will go from 0-100 kmph in 5 seconds without load. And with its maximum load of up to 36 tonnes, the electric truck can go from 0-100 kmph in 20 seconds. Its is capable of climbing a 5 percent grade at a steady 105kph. Tesla saye All these specs are better than diesel trucks available in America. 

The battery have 800 km of range at highway speeds. The truck can be charged via the superchargers within in 30 minutes, which is the time you would need to load and un-load the material. And this truck have lot of features such as  touchscreen infotainment, regenerative braking for improved brake life, Autonomus driving in highways and etc,. This model comes with a reinforced battery for safety while crash. And this model don't have any gear shift lever and most importantly Tesla says that a lot of components on the Semi have been shared with the Model 3.

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